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Added Value of online marketing

Online marketing activities do actually have some advantages. Here are some considerations if you intend to sell your products online.


Technical targeting

Thanks to technical targeting you can target given IP addresses and, as a result, certain areas or countries. In addition to this, by taking the browser language, messages in the language of the potential buyer are possible. It is also possible to show a banner at a particular time.


Geo targeting

Thanks to geo targeting it is possible to trace back up to 80% of the areas from which the user are located. This is a good opportunity to promote given activities very specifically (e.g. a launch party for a new music production).


Demographic targeting

Some providers (e.g. a particular music platform) do have very detailed and specific data of their users: not only age or gender, but buying habits, likes/dislikes, purchase frequency, etc.

Key word targeting, e.g. Google ad words, which allow to blend in sponsored links.


Contextual targeting

It is possible to place an advert on a given web page based on its context. Not only do Google ad words appear on Google but they also appear in the advertising network of Google (ad sense programme). This could be good to promote your productions on a music web page.


Behavioural targeting

Let us assume that a user is looking at the latest releases on a music portal. A couple of minutes later he switches to a news site: here, based on his/her behaviour, banners of this music shop can be shown.


Real time tracking

Online marketing allows you to measure the success of your promotions and campaigns almost immediately



Here are some interesting publications that might help you in your online marketing activities.


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