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Avocado Mango Soup is a label that focuses on electronic music ranging from deep house to chillout music. The roster boasts plenty of promising talent Kama Kor, Black Jag, Frankie Cove, X Sonic, Don Gossy, etc.

The label clearly has plenty of confidence in its talent. Its mission is to educate listeners on electronic music and present diverse, down-to-earth tracks showcasing the skills of several dance music producers. Avocado Mango Soup believes in the power of music as art and is a label for tomorrow's generation.

"We wanted to make a different type of music and take the traditional sound that existed in today's underground and bring it up to date in order to make it more accessible for the Asian market," say the founders of this label. "There is a lot of disappointment in the middle of dance music and we wanted to capture something special."

What the audiences love about this sound is that the label manages to keep it fresh, dropping new sounds on a regular basis. Their styles are typically deep house or chillout, which can usually be described with three key words: deep, lush, and elegant. The focus is also on great production and Avocado Mango Soup is extremely aware of this.

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