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Berry Parfait

Berry Parfait is one of those labels that deliver quality music without being pretentious and has had good years but overall, its music has been consistently excellent and that really makes the difference.

They provide their fans with a chance to listen to songs they didn't even know existed. Some people really got so excited when they saw the label was also present on Beatport. They did get a few surprises along the way, like a promo of a new song. The way it came out was just crazy!

The brand has also released numerous albums in collaboration with famous producers and managed to capture the soul of electronic music. Most of their music of this period is still made by the same core of composers, musicians, and arrangers. They create their music to meet the needs of this period, which has no concept of the old-fashioned way of songwriting. The sound of modern composers was in no way a new thing to them. In addition, some of their songs appeared at this time in different forms from earlier works.

Their output stands out against the rest of the releases. It's easy to identify your favorite tracks, if you're that interested. If you're not, and would rather be a pop fan instead, this is probably still a good option.

Some songs are easy to identify as electronica, whereas others are just hard to make sense of, and what is the difference? How can one know what they're listening to, when their listening to multiple music genres at once? Keep an eye on this interesting label.

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