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Chrissy I-Eece - Anymore (Nene Musik)

Nene Musik Productions is proud to announce its brand new digital music release: Chrissy I-Eece’s “Anymore”, produced by Dom Tufaro. 

Already causing a stir at radio mix shows and nightclubs around the world, “Anymore” delivers with Chrissy I-Eece’s powerful vocals. 

Chrissy I-Eece was born in Brooklyn New York and raised in the Bronx, dreaming of becoming a star in the music industry. 

Chrissy’s achievements brought to life dance hits: 'Love Desire' and 'You Should Know By Now' (Produced by “Little” Louie Vega and written by Columbia Recording Artist, Marc Anthony) on Atlantic Records. 

Her unlimited talent would not let her stay in one facet of the music industry. She went on to record her first Salsa album with producer/arranger Luis 'Perico' Ortiz titled 'Sangre Nueva Pa' La Calle' on RMM/Sony Latin. The single 'Solo Seremos Amigos' featured a duet with the incredible Tony Vega. For Chrissy, this Latin album opened new doors. She later collaborated with Frankie Cutlass and Sergio George to give birth to the fusion of R&B/Pop and Latin music. 

The new collaboration brought forth another Latin Hit called 'Take Your Love and Go' (Written by Chrissy I-Eece and Sergio George) which features vocals of Salsa Legend; Hector Lavoe. Lavoe is featured singing his famous catch phrases that perpetuated his popularity in the Salsa world. 

Chrissy has toured around the world and has pleased thousands of her fans in Japan, Spain, Tenerife (Canary Islands), Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. She has been featured in numerous Japanese, Latin and American TV Shows, Radio Programs and trade magazines as well. 

After taking a hiatus from the world of music to focus in plays, acting school and painting, Chrissy resurfaced to work with Nene Musik’s CEO; Ruben Martinez. 

'My focus is to keep it real and to work with the people that work as hard as I do. I consider myself a natural woman who keeps her heels on the ground and her head on her shoulders, where it should be' says Chrissy.

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