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Dom Tufaro feat. Victoria Persico - Still Remember (Nene Musik)

Dom Tufaro and Victoria Persico bles us with “Still Remember”. Dom Tufaro made his DJ debut at Level Lounge NYC. Spinning live for the first time in front of hundreds of club goers, the young DJ caught the attention of many, near and far. Tufaro's unique style has attracted a number of fans that love not only his style of play, but his creativity as well. Forming a team with the Tune~Adiks, Dom Tufaro has produced tracks featuring Flo Rida, Snoop Dogg, Sean Kingston, Ne-Yo, Amanda Wilson, Lea Lorien and Tamara Wallace.


Victoria Persico is a singer and songwriter from Westchester, New York. Although she works primarily in the pop, dance & r&b genres, she can sing and write in many other areas. Victoria's first love has always been music. Singing since the age of three, she has recorded throughout the Tri-State area and worked with many different producers.

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