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Francesco Sansone – Three Days (Newlife)

Checkout “Three Days” by Francesco Sansone. His sound is very soothing and celebrates non-tribalizing melodic solutions. In addition, his compositional capability is immense. His use of external devices (like the drum set) to produce different sound effects gives his music a real club vibe. Overall this is a massive advantage in terms of creating and integrating a particular identity into production. All over the planet, an incredible number of young listeners is obsessed with this sound.

Francesco, who hails from Basilicata, is an established producer and DJ. Growing up with a deep passion for vinyl, the next logical step in his career would be radio. He also went on to work with Relight Orchestra & Margareth Menezes on "A Luz de Tieta" and took care of the Club Mix for Sony Music in Italy and around the world for Epic. He also produced "Armonia", "The Little Dream", "The Silence", "My World", and "My Life".


Official release date: 7 March 2020

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