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FRIK N CHIC – C’est freak, c’est chic!

“Never Give Up” by Frik n Chic is currently hitting the charts and has been played in heavy rotations by radio stations in the USA, Holland, and Brazil. In addition to this, this duo has just made it to the Top 10 sales chart in Switzerland.

"Le freak c'est chic" is a notorious line known to almost anybody. That’s not a coincidence: Frik n Chic have actually borrowed their band name from this worldwide hit. Their song «Never Give Up» pays homage to the roots of the disco sound and is dance floor magnet.

However, they do not simply want to revive the music from the seventies. Quite the contrary, Frik n Chic aim at creating a new sound that oozes positive fun, drifting disco grooves and catchy pop melodies.


“Never Give Up” can be purchased on Amazon

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