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FRIK N CHIC’s new single

FRIK N CHIC, the acclaimed collective of talented Swiss DJs and producers, have recorded their new single “A Hero Like You” at The Hana Road Studios in Montreux and will release it on the Swiss record label Ferrini Records.


Their music was broadcasted nationwide and was awarded the coveted Golden Disc for the chart-topping song “Never Give Up” in 2017. This year, FRIK N CHIC is back with their timeless and groovy disco-pop genre.


With a definite disco-funk influence, the track focuses around the vocals and has an upbeat tone. The motivating themes and complementing melody convey the title of the song. Contemporary instruments and modern sounds work in perfect harmony with the retro rhythm and style of “A Hero Like You”. The result is a track that captures the essence of the late 70’s and early 80’s disco music but with a futuristic twist.

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