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Online Marketing Strategy

In general


If you sell your music online you should consider users’ experience with the Internet, which nowadays should play a central role in the communications plan of every company.


While dealing with Internet communications and online marketing, two basic points should be considered:


1) Monitor experience

  • Quantity of information that appears on your screen
  • Text(s)
  • Animations
  • Pictures
  • Visual elements
  • Sounds

2) Internet experience

  • As the user is confronted with a very fast medium, it is important that the information be either:
    - brand new or
    - up-to-date or at least still
    - valid
  • 24/7 & 365 days/year
  • fast / slow connection
  • the quantity of data you have access to is practically unlimited
  • everybody can publish anything at any time


General considerations

Online communications are nothing but an additional way to convey messages to your target group(s). Basically, while working on a new web page or online affiliate marketing, you should ask yourself the same questions when you produce a brochure or when you plan an advertising campaign:

  • Key messages
  • Affinity
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • Etc.



When planning your online activities, the very same elements for online activities should be taken into consideration, i.e.

  • Objectives
  • Target group(s)
  • Strategic elements
  • Content, including:
    - Interactivity with your target group(s)
    - Integration with other communications channels (adverts, brochures, radio, TV, etc.)
  • Actions
  • Costs
  • Timing
  • Budget



The basic difference from a conventional brochure, radio spot or advert is that a web page, adword, etc. needs constant updating and changing. An advantage (a fast way to convey a message) can easily become a nightmare if your messages are not constantly updated. A motto like "less is more" is of paramount importance. Pages and messages should be structured in a way that interactivity for further details is encouraged.



This a clear advantage of working with online instruments. Detailed evaluations of your visitors are possible including:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly visitors
  • Most visited pages
  • Visitors via referrers, incl. search engines
  • Website referrers
  • Geo tracking
  • Javascript enabled
  • Browsers used
  • Key words



Here are some interesting publications that might help you in your online marketing activities.


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