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Internet Radio

Do you remember the dance/disco FM stations during the seventies? If you are young, you don’t. If you’re over 40, you do. They were a main source of inspiration for those who were into this genre and a great opportunities to check out the latest records. The shows were very entertaining.

Nowadays, things have changed dramatically. People no longer depend on this medium. Quite the contrary, the vast majority of FM stations have become rather predictable and boring. Web stations can be heard anywhere using your computer/portable device/smartphone: you name it. And what’s more, they’re free.

Al you need is to invest some time in the search of your favourite stations. In fact, there are literally thousands of stations you can choose from: and yes... that’s called freedom of choice. In addition to this, we must not forget the enthusiasm that some of the radio jocks and programmers put into their shows.

A search performed in the Internet might bring some confusing results. Using an app like (but there are many more) might lead you through this jungle without any further hassle. You can search the stations by Top stations, genre, topic, language, country, city, etc.

Using an app or an online guide allows you to use alerts to be kept up to date when it comes to new offers, latest releases, shows, DJ’s, and podcasts. Users only need to dedicate some seconds to find what they are looking for.

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