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Various Artists – Deep Casual Fridays (Avocado Mango Soup)

Dress-down Fridays, also known as casual Fridays, allow workers to wear more casual clothes every Friday and are a glorious opportunity for you to ignore that stuffy business-attire dress code. Because they cost next to nothing to implement, and are generally perceived to have a positive effect on staff, they have become more widespread in recent years. Guys get to ditch the suit and tie, while ladies can leave that boring sheath dress and blazer in the closet.

How about combing casual Fridays with some great deep house music? “Deep Casual Fridays” provides the perfect soundtrack for this.

Deep house music has been combining elements of Chicago house with soulful elements from the NY scene since the mid-eighties. This compilation includes 20 smoking deep tracks. This genre has dominated the dance floors for a while: heavy rhythms, smooth riding highs, hard percussion and drums, riding funky basslines and in some cases hot vocals.


Track list:

  1. Quasi Quasar - Old Palace - Super Filter Mix
  2. Deep Makers - The Coast of Barbarian - Ibiza Mix
  3. Radical Razors - Last News - 55th East Mix
  4. Guar Ja - This Is Not Acceptable - Happy Mix
  5. House Z - The Great Game - Spheric Mix
  6. Molto Mojito - Confession - Sunset Beach Mix
  7. Luy Garoche - Life Valley - NYC Night Mix
  8. Ray O'Bennett - Water Babies - Violins Mix
  9. Don Major - Bay Bach - Subway Mix
  10. Sean Giles - With the Jazz - Midnight Mix
  11. Vibrant Groove Project - Garuda - Styled in Disco Mix
  12. Tubular Brain - Be Right Back - Kimik Mix
  13. Mark Tonett - Cape Cod - Mark Altura's Deep Mix
  14. Nino Bonito - Heart Hunter - Sunset Mix
  15. Velvet House - Grooving - Funky Beach Mix
  16. D Elements - Foreigners - Late Night Mix
  17. Johnny Sonny - Second Hand Life - Nelson's Mix
  18. Sinthon - Evidence - Deep Avangarde Mix
  19. Black City - Hafodunos Hall - Modell & Mercier Deep Mix
  20. Sander Pomellato - Chevrolet Impala - Le Funk Mix


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