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Tamara Wallace - #Selfish (Nene Musik)

Former Funky Green Dogs vocalist Tamara Wallace is best known for her hits with Ralph Falcon and Oscar Gaetan aka Murk which included “Star”, “Fired Up!”, “You Got Me (Burnin’ Up)” and “Body”. Tamara has continued to collaborate with DJ’s/producers Oscar G, Ralphi Rosario and Abel Aguilera with various hits on Tommy Boy Records and Nervous Records imprints.


Recently, Tamara released the dance floor hit “Brand New Life”, which was produced by International DJ/producer Dom Tufaro & Louis Inglese of Tune-Adiks and released on the Nene Musik imprint. The record was licensed in several territories around the world.


Her follow up single, “#Selfish” is being released June 2016 on the Nene Musik imprint and is already receiving a huge buzz from international DJ’s and tastemakers from around the world.

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