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The Future of Deep House Music

The future of deep house music is based on the natural draw of the dance floor worldwide. It has quickly become apparent that the international scene has evolved into a full on banger party house style where the rules are simple: "Take a deep house tune and don't mess with it."

This means pumping an oscillating bassline through a wide array of oscillators, filters and samplers, and wrapping that all in a light and airy ambience.

"The music is highly stylized, but it is definitely a chilled out vibe. Everything that is going on in the clubs is creating an environment of soft atmospheres and beautiful textures," says Kenzo Reffari.

The future of deep house music is still very much a mystery, however. Could it mean that the genre will be forgotten? Perhaps, but there are a few reasons to believe that the genre will continue to thrive. It will do so: at least, as long as its artists continue to share their love for the genre.

The first reason is that deep house music is big business worldwide. There are lots of labels featuring a massive roster of some of the biggest names in electronic music, which isn't surprising considering that they are selling large quantities of track on various platforms.

“I think there are things that I've learned since the recording sessions and shows," says Robert Cordoba. "What I've learned is there's no one way to do it, there's no one way to make music. There's always different ways and all sorts of methods and a million different paths and styles." "I'm not big on words. I like details," he adds, leaving the reader to wonder just how accurately he has expressed his opinions. When asked if he's sure about his own words, Robert pauses and pauses and then says: "No doubt about it!”

The future of deep house music will be warm and familiar. However, too many producers do not respect this. Labels and producers want people to understand what they do. In addition to this, they want punters and potential customers to respect this and buy their online albums and compilations if they enjoy this genre. The second reason is they enjoy it, so they want to share it. People should also understand how far a genre can be pushed, even if it's going too far. Recognizing trends is not something that concerns producers that much. As long as there is an audience out there, that’s what is making a given style thrive.

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