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Various Artists – Deep Saturdays (Avocado Mango Soup)

Are you tired of relying on your friends for every good night out? Find out how you can enjoy going out to clubs and bars by yourself.

“I did a crazy thing last Saturday night. I got all dressed up and went out to a deep house club - alone. Truth is, I do a lot of things alone right now. There are times when it feels great, but more often than not, I worry: Is this it?”

This album features 20 deep house tracks for those who enjoy individual deep clubbing.

Deep house music originated in the mid-eighties combining elements of Chicago house with soulful elements from the NY scene: heavy rhythms, smooth riding highs, hard percussion and drums, a riding funky bassline and, in some cases, hot vocals. Deep house music has dominated the dance-floors for decades. This album blesses us with many different sides of this genre.


Track list:

  1. Brother X - A Princess Is Celebrating Her Birthday - Quiet Place Mix
  2. Orion Flowers - Hot Challenge - Organic Mix
  3. Code 14 - The Chronicles - Sectret Key Mix
  4. Lorentz Dennon - Redes - Sintonique Mix
  5. Francis Leone - Antelope Canyon - Phisicall Lover Mix
  6. Mail 77 - Spring Time - Organic Mix
  7. Man Dingo - Acid House - Sinthetyc Mix
  8. Santos Pasha - Before You - K Tonique Mix
  9. Hotel 69 - Mirny - Manhattan Mix
  10. Dry Static - Carlsbad - Deep Flava Mix
  11. Aquamind - Drills - Poisonik Mix
  12. Black People - To Shy Fall in Love - Brooklyn Bridge Mix
  13. Cool Train - Blue Hair - Fashion Mix
  14. Ray Of Love - Sixty - Sugar & Club Saxy Mix
  15. Sensation 24 - Tiffany - B Jay Deep Mix
  16. Gray Led - Krakatau - Plattform 8's Deep Mix
  17. Robert White - Akatipu - Ibiza Mix
  18. Sam Severs - Kirby Hall - Soullovers's Deep Mix
  19. Kiaveekeng - Kind of Broke
  20. Lenny Eustace – Brakes


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