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Various Artists - Elegant Tracks (Berry Parfait)


This compilation features some stylish tracks. Many people enjoy listening to elegant music. Music is the art of creating emotions and can also describe feelings and thoughts. Music is a natural tool because it is a way of communication.

In addition to this, music can also be beneficial for a person's wealth and appearance. Music is an important component in every one's life. The various music genres are becoming more blurred together instead of being clearly separated. Music is continuously evolving with times to keep up to date, which results in changes and new music variations.

This package includes tracks by Adile Chinonso, Saponio, Peter Ponno, Doc Bob Pickupfarmer, Diana Pouch, Serenity Groovefreak, Jeremy Bee, Housemaster Mario, A Guy From Tooting, Danny Hay, Peebee, Black Caesar, Body Rock Club, Mauritian Rhythms, Maximo Dani, Patrick Bee, Zack Burke, Zac Hedley, Sugar D Easy Funk, and Kid T Sugar Ice.


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