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Various Artists - First Class House (Avocado Mango Soup)

Avocado Mango Soup is back after the summer break with "First Class House”.

This album designates a concept reuniting a multitude of mundane tracks in a single compilation of a high artistic value. This project is prevailingly aimed at the elite of notorious personalities. It’s also a tribute that positively tends to develop the house community, with the purpose of showcasing the scene to some great personalities of the world.

“First Class House” wishes to create a platform of really widespread and current concepts of the house scene: music is essential in our society, in the business world and in any cultural environment for socializing and the philanthropy purposes, all under the unique and impressive scenery of the house clubs.

This compilation includes tracks by Kubo, Markus Versus, Paul Klain, Chrome Inc., Camden Groove, John Boss, Life Elements, Markinho Lupos, One Beats, Ron Castle, Rony Askott, Seventh Groove, Suburban Connection, Sunray, Titus Fereder, Purple Beach, Larry Groove, Urban Life, and Vlassis Leonidas.


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