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Various Artists – Future Tech House Tracks (Berry Parfait)

If we have a close look at the history of clubbing, we immediately realize that it dates back to the disco tradition that characterized the 1970s. What is more, a further evolution of this phenomenum took place in the 1980s with deejaying and raves. Visiting and gathering socially at nightclubs, discotheques, clubs, and festivals as well as socializing, listening to music, and dancing - that’s what it is all about.

Tech house music’s original aim was to fight the establishment: that’s how unlicensed all night dance parties came about.

This package is meant as a tool for DJ’s. They might want to use it to express themselves and to add value to the type of music they are playing. It can be really appreciated on larger sound systems.

This compilation include future tech house tracks by Ark Of Principle, Institute Android, Delirious Bird, Philosophy Route, Corner Oscar, Diverse Vibe, Solid Doom, Bleach Cord, Certified Prodigy, Bull Fender, Revolving Hamster, Pseudo Nose, Grody United, Progressive Color, Level Of Encore, Perfecting Tears, Mory Gun, Stress Bastille, and Tungsten Reform.


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