Alte Kaserne
Alte Kaserne

Various Artists - Glamorous House (Berry Parfait)


Are you looking for that classy touch to spice up you house session? “Glamorous House” is perfect for any event that aims at being special.

This compilations features tracks by The Soullution Project, David Maxter, Filler Corporation, Erick The Sound Mendez, Stefan Pascho, Frank Fermo, Fantasy Groove, Jep Neil, Markus Mueller, Modell, Mercier, Robert Sonn, Velvet, Merrill, Danny Hay, Antoine Seranuit, Damian Daimler, Frank Riviera, Mandragora, Cris Roberts, Fashion Rhythms, Vandja, Lil French, Oceanus 99, Sophinsicated Rhythms, and Tony Deep

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