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Various Artists – House Clubbing (Berry Parfait)

“House Clubbing” is a journey through the electronic music scene.

Club culture, i.e. visiting and gathering socially at nightclubs, is very popular nowadays. Usually, music can be heard on larger sound systems to fully enjoy the power of music.

This compilation includes tracks by Yanus Hamy, Gray Carroll, Robert Washington, Costa Longa, The Red Project, One Light Project, House System, Lorenz Bacha, Maurice Waxson, Paul Welsh, Ranny Dumpling, The Monarch, Urban Groove, Anthony Kahxi, Felix Form, Ingo Lassort, Marius Rainer, Robert Lee, Stephan Wind, The Presidents, Tom Nigro, Lex Davis, Morley Hayden, Pancho Aristides, and Reynaldo Afonso.

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