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Various Artists – Late Night Deep Session (Avocado Mango Soup)

“Late Night Deep Session” features 25 hot deep house tracks. What would house music be without jamming all night long? What would the electronic music fans be without staying awake till the sun comes up? The urban flair of this compilation offers the perfect frame for creating a serious musical selection by Avocado Mango Soup. Following the label’s nocturnal ambitions, its producers feel like meeting musically, turning night into day together and blessing the listeners with tracks by Kay Jay, House Avenida, Gold Kaay, Alvaro Jenez, Kord Steven, Modell, Mercier, House of Coco, London Groove, Linda love, Luke Winchester, Marius Populonius, Paul Wax, Rudolph Beso, Danny Hay, Soul Express, Volker Rain, David Romero, Jonathan Mantero, Urban Voice, Luther Sander, Ron Carlton, Ron Falcon, Stefan Samuel, Yves St. Lorrain, Maurice Leclaire, and Patrick Sinon.


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