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Various Artists – Let’s Rock This House (Berry Parfait)

“Let’s Rock This House” is the latest compilation by Berry Parfait.

Best known for their famous album titles, Berry Parfait release a new package that includes 20 house tracks. They walk into the electronic field with a tremendous anointing from the DJ world. Also, they have proven to be a dynamic label, which manifests the evidence of dance music. Berry Parfait is a 21st Century World label that will cut to the heart of your life's issues, enabling magic moments on the dance floor. They believe in executing the authoritative rules of modern electronic sounds through strategic intercession by demonstration.

This album includes tracks by The Soullution Project, Alexandre Sander, Martin York, Unique Red, Deep Republic, Martin Emoit, Enrique Rominquez, Gana Rouge, Jack Roquenfold, Mandragora, Barbra Thomson, One Wave, The Blue Bar Ensemble, Yan Karlson, Kesho Haran, Laus Gee, Liberty Soul System, Michael Paul, Danny Plann, Konstant Ayres, Tommy Harmond, and Claude Dornan.


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