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Various Artists – Long Distance (Berry Parfait)

It is helpful to know that long-distance deep house productions can sometimes take months or years before completion, and a lot can happen in that time. Try to introduce flexibility into your studio schedule and your partners’ agendas. If there is a promotion they deserve that could expand your business perspective, you should discuss what you think should happen next.

Deep house music has been combining elements of Chicago house with soulful elements from the NY scene since the mid-eighties. This compilation includes 20 smoking deep tracks. This genre has dominated the dance floors for a while: heavy rhythms, smooth riding highs, hard percussion and drums, riding funky basslines and in some cases hot vocals.


Track list:

  1. Tony King - Slam - Deep Mix
  2. Raphael Carter - Over the Border - Tenerife's Beach Mix
  3. The Model Motel - Peeks - Continuos Mix
  4. Night Soul - Allure of the Sea - House Mix
  5. Antoine Verlaine - Memories - Suspended Deep Mix
  6. Mangrovia - Secret Passion - Panoramic Mix
  7. London Gogo - Ninigi - Revelation Mix
  8. Noah Walker - Full of Love - Suspended Mix
  9. Balearic - No Melody - Rhythms Mix
  10. Pascal Six - Beach Village - Crystal Sea Mix
  11. Djam Tribe - Fashion - Congatronik Mix
  12. Rox Waltford - Kibera - Luky Elements Mix
  13. House Kingz - Red Shoes - Kobra's Mix
  14. Kobra - Saxology - Gravity Mix
  15. Tokyo Hono - Norwegian Getaway - Riviera Mix
  16. Mat Ban - Glasses and Kisses - Gabicce Mare Mix
  17. Ron Virgin - The Bridge - Dee Mix
  18. Mark Dolphin - Des Nations - Formentera's Beach Mix
  19. Robert Danielson - Carnival - Dream Mix
  20. Clark Gambler - A New Deal - Trumpet Mix


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