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Various Artists – Midnight Hour (Berry Parfait)

“Midnight Hour“ is a compilation that will set your party on fire. The vibe is always come alive when you are out to have fun anyway. This means that it’s important to have an excitable energy. When we lead with our energy, others follow suit. This compilation really makes you want to dance.


Most people say ‘no’ to any activity that sounds remotely outside their comfort zone. Or they say ‘maybe’ when they get invited to the party and when the day comes they don’t bother. Once you start saying YES to things, you open up your life in a way you can’t imagine. It’s the most absurdly simple philosophy and I’ve seen it work time and time again. Sure, why not? Say yes to “Midnight Hour“.


This deep house compilation includes tracks by K Sun Project, John Delon, Carl Kennedy, Continental Groove, Atlantic Avenue, Milton Diaz, Sonny Fasser, The Soho Emsemble, Paul Krines, Ralf Harris, Robert Salden, Congagroove, Danny Hay, Marshall Wee, Pascal Montecristo, Sonoric Groove, Sunvibes, Antibe Coast, Atmospherical 45, Chaz Nelson, Louis Camberra, Nightbar, Ricky Jones, and Slow Soul.


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