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Alte Kaserne

Various Artists - Moon Party (Avocado Mango Soup)

We would like all our days to feel like a moon party. Moon parties have a huge tradition: sand, sea, music, and dancing. Conjuring up the image of dancing on a beach is easier than trying to explain in words what the music of this album really sounds like. This packages features tracks by Seventh Beat, Mark Nassis, Deep Massive, Ron Johnson, Deep System Ensemble, Deep United, Andrew Jameson, Guy Rich, Little Eva, Lorenz Costa, Mark Laverd, Park 34, Thomas Dennon, Enrika Andrew, Tom Farry, Black Sine, Don Almont, The Gee Project, Janny Paris, Marcus Jannay, Moiquall, Sander Cahn, Satoshy Hokado, Victor Danieli, Robert Waxton, Dama Blank, and Patrick Hark.


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