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Various Artists – Proven Deep Technology (Avocado Mango Soup)

The qualitative description of proven technology is relatively broad and only provides a general guideline to its characterization when it comes to deep house.

This compilation includes 20 smoking deep tracks. Deep house music has been around for a while. This genre combines components of seminal Chicago house with soulful elements, which have also made it possible to dominate the dance floors for decades: heavy rhythms, smooth highs, hard percussion and drums, riding funky basslines and some hot vocals.


Track list:

  1. Light Continental - I Feel You Happy - Nu Scool Mix
  2. Urban Life - Desire of Sea - Sealand Mix
  3. Philip Rouge - In Your Soul - Nu Yorker Mix
  4. Dimension Zero - The Pleasure of Meeting You - The Cool Mix
  5. Antoine Verlaine - You're Right - Super Funka Mix
  6. Purity Of Soul - The Circus in the City - Piano Mix
  7. The Artic Soda - Your Rhapsody - House of Dreams Mix
  8. Club Princess - Desire for Joy - Mature Eyes Mix
  9. Jeff Jimenez - Move Forward
  10. Deep Area - A Jump in the Passion - Saxy Mix
  11. Frankie Fresh - Summer Rhythms - Tokyo Mix
  12. Hector Spano - Road to Happiness
  13. Funkhouse Jay - No Choice - Fresh Groove Mix
  14. Hernando Curro - Precious Things
  15. Massa Deep - Problem Solved - North Mix
  16. Hoo Rook - Tell Me
  17. Oriundo - Hurra - Beach Mix
  18. Robert Farrein - New Organisms - Angelique Mix
  19. House Temperance - I Want to See You Dream - Funky Mix
  20. Steven Lake - And Die More - Gin Tonique Mix


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