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Alte Kaserne

Various Artists – Sensual Deep House (Berry Parfait)

Sensual deep house music is food for your soul. We present the connoisseur’s best sex tracks. From silkiest, best mellow cuts to floor-shaking songs: here are 20 great tracks. These are not necessarily songs about sex in itself, but they will rather take you to that. Also, they are ordered for your listening pleasure.

This compilation includes tracks by Yves Taylor, Lorenz Carlton, Rich Romeo, Frank Lovenue, Richard Rochefeller, Cool Stars, Roy Phantazy, Adrian Baar, Dennis Shultz, Basement Grooves, Tony Kranh, Robert Guerrero, Pascal Van Jola, Victor Reinold, Divo Beats, Leon Smith, Mark Kionne, Paul Sutton, Nomura Taio, Motel Rex, Trevor Jay, Sander Dee, and Corinna Barclays.

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