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Various Artists – Sixth Sense (Avocado Mango Soup)

If you say that someone has a sixth sense for deep house music, you mean that they seem to have a natural ability to know about great tracks before other people, or to know things that other people do not know. Well, in other words: time to check out “Sixth Sense”, an interesting compilation.


Deep house music has been combining elements of Chicago house with soulful elements from the NY scene since the mid-eighties. This compilation includes 20 smoking deep tracks. This genre has dominated the dance floors for a while: heavy rhythms, smooth riding highs, hard percussion and drums, riding funky basslines and in some cases hot vocals.


Track list:

  1. Deep Lovers feat. Tony Trumpetta - Tonari No - Extasia Mix
  2. Super Lover - Project K - Air Mix
  3. Don Major & South Soul - Oh You - Anthony's Limousine Mix
  4. Korvino - Looking out into the Cold - Ice Mix
  5. Florance & Kay Krown - A Little Spicy - Blue Mix
  6. Long Island Groove - Captain Blood - Fashion Kings Mix
  7. South Soul - Ribadeo - Goldman Mix
  8. Material Beats feat. Quasar 99 - Physical - Electro Mix
  9. Deep Native - Lopes Mendes - Soulstice Mix
  10. Robert Greeford feat. Klaudia Dannon - Ehy Feel so Good - Sandy Beach Mix
  11. Victor Lorero feat. Tony Sax - That Lipstick Again - Jay Club Mix
  12. Lindon Lou - I Don't Want Your Wine
  13. Miami Lovers - Baby Face - Perfect Mix
  14. Lord Emerald - Endless Feelings
  15. Black Bass feat. Kandra Kay - Experimenta - Moonlovers Mix
  16. D Troit Elements & Jack Groove - Chromatic Breath - Undercity Mix
  17. Flowers & Butterfly - Flood - House Intention Mix
  18. Mercedes Black - Bank of Joy - Perfect Mix
  19. Philippe La Croix - Danakil - House Mix
  20. Victor Lafontaine - Plage De Maui - Glitter Life Mix


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