Alte Kaserne
Alte Kaserne

Various Artists – Summer House Session (Berry Parfait)

“Summer House Session” makes you feel like partying. The sunny season is approaching and this compilation will lead through it.

The package includes tracks by Pat Banzee, Guy Rich, Brant Lynwood, Jay Ritz, Glen Zeph, Ramon Dannon, Dave Agam, Roger Vergil, Frank Donovan, Jeff Coimbra, Larry Destrini, V6, Tony Roiale, Martin Brigt, Robert Panamera, Subway Rhythms, Club 89, Frankie Borrel, George Lavent, Iles Dumont, Anelise Beaugeste, Ken Falcon, Congatronic, Martin Grace, Partick Doone, Tommy Miller, Tony Houzee, and Tony Trumpetta.


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