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Alte Kaserne

Various Artists – Tech Tunes (Avocado Mango Soup)

More tech house music from Avocado Mango Soup.

“Tech Tunes“ is a journey through the history of clubbing. By listening to this compilation you’ll immediately realize that dance music dates back to the disco tradition that characterized the 1970s and 1980s.

Tech house music’s original aim was to fight the establishment and power: that’s how illegal events came about. Visiting and gathering socially at nightclubs, discotheques, clubs, and festivals as well as socializing, listening to music, and dancing - that’s what it is all about.

This package features tracks by Luan Pereira, Markus Bader, Moore Gregoire, Jónatan Edgarsson, Liquor Xanax, Michael Epps, Paul Till Torres, Iron Mind, Khaki Boom, Logan Short, Meikafutoku, Pablo Salinas, Petimat Vedzizhev, Punk Of Indi, Robert Cross, Noel Guerrero, and Rope Police.

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