Alte Kaserne
Alte Kaserne

Various Artists – The Club Diva (Avocado Mango Soup)

Don’t let our name fool you, various producers have worked hard and played hard, too: that what “The Club Diva” is all about! Glamour and bling: that’s just the way they do it!


This compilation features tracks by Tony Deep, Modell, Mercier, Capricorn 77, Mikuno Uno, Frank Fusion, Last Eclipse, Mark Kay, Aquagrande, Ernst Bentley, Frankie Filter, Loveless, Michael Danielson, Sector One, Adam 1st, Club Guys, High Rhythms, Jeff Matera, Tony Cox, Larry Morrell, Ralphie Boss, S Rhythms, Project 111, House Tonique, Glamour Beats, Sandra Winter, Anthony Maserati, and Lolla Gee.


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