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Various Artists – The Final Deep Touch (Avocado Mango Soup)

This phrase originates from the deep house club scene. During the parties, club goers get dressed up with the help of their close friends. However, the final touch is completed by the music.


Deep house music has been combining elements of Chicago house with soulful elements from the NY scene since the mid-eighties. This compilation includes 20 smoking deep tracks. This genre has dominated the dance floors for a while: heavy rhythms, smooth riding highs, hard percussion and drums, riding funky basslines and in some cases hot vocals.


Track list:

  1. The Duke - Borderline - Kantiko's Urban Mix
  2. Aquagrande - The Way It Is - The Astronaut Mix
  3. London Gogo - They Love the King - Beat of the Dream Mix
  4. John Marten - Good Operator - Rain Mix
  5. Playaman - It's My Party - Sunset Mix
  6. Bar Grovers - Are You Lonesome - Ibeeza Lovers Mix
  7. Dimension Zero - We Go to L.A. - Alexandre Lotus Deep Mix
  8. Frakie Fresh - Our Day Will Come - House Mix
  9. Kantiko - Girls Just Want to Have Sex - Night Mix
  10. Robert Cordoba - Green Eyes - Last Waves Mix
  11. Sebastian Hector - Blowin' in the Wind - Elevation Mix
  12. Night Masters - People Movin'
  13. Sonny Franklin - The Night - The Night Mix
  14. Ron Prada - Letters from Paradise - The Beach Mix
  15. Latin Revenge - Way Dizzy - Original Mix
  16. Alejandro Perez - Way to Myself - Original Mix
  17. Solid Groove - My Time - Sweet Club Mix
  18. Spicy Patt - Words in Unison - Original Mix
  19. Danny Hay - Forgotten - Original Mix
  20. Blue Avenue - In the Name of Life - At Sunset Mix


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