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Alte Kaserne

Various Artists – Urban Deep House Party (Avocado Mango Soup)

Deep House music is widespread in urban areas. It is more than a simple Balearic fad. “Urban Deep House Party” provides a great musical overview of this phenomenon.

This compilation features tracks by Pasqual Maravilla, Kobram, John Smithson, Jeff Koimbra, Jack Laurel Project, Deeba Project, Life Tonic, Mark Kondor, Peter Raijcard, The Housse Hotel Project, Tony Trumpetta, Aldo Moraes, Andrew Cotton, Danny Hay, Base One, Brooklyn Boyz, Conversation 3, Lola London, Eddie Heaven, Yan Chano, Frank Donovan, Konko, Tony Hub, Vix Jay, Fresh Gee, Danny Voxmann, Roger Carlos, Sandra Moon, and Patrick Bee.


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