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Why Are Web Radios and Streaming Services Popular?

Nowadays, you no longer need to buy thousands of records and CDs. Web radio stations, streaming services (e.g. Deezer & Spotify) and platforms like Mixcloud provide you with a large selection of quality music.

The advantages of using these services are clear: traditional radio and TV stations need to adapt to this new trend. The new media are finding the favour of the audience. Although they are confronted with competition from satellite and terrestrial radio stations, it is undeniable that their popularity is constantly increasing and that they fulfil the needs of their listeners.

All you need is computer/mobile device/smartphone and/or a wireless connection to enjoy your favourite web radio or streaming service anywhere at any time of the day.

The main reason for the success of the Internet/apps is the fact that they offer a wide variety of genres and styles meeting the most demanding needs of their respective target groups. In most cases, you can either choose between a basic (usually for free) and a premium subscription (with some extra features and without commercials).

The listeners can choose from a wide array of options. There are thousands of stations and services specializing in various areas ranging from chillout to techno music. This means that everybody finds the music they enjoy. So rather listening passively to a conventional FM station, you choose what and when you want to listen to a given show/mix/podcast.

Younger generation are no longer tuning into conventional radio stations: they want to be able to decide to which song and speaker they want to listen to. Besides, conventional ads can be irritating as they interrupt the musical flow. For instance, by subscribing to Spotify Premium you can create your own playlist without being bothered by spots that constantly kill your mood.

Last but not least, the world is at your feet: different platforms stream different genres from various countries. The possibilities become almost infinite and you can get a taste of styles and tracks that are popular in areas other than your without spending a large amount of money. This variety will surpass your imagination.

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